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Goose Hunting
Goose Hunting Goose Hunting Goose Hunting

The Texas Panhandle offers goose hunting opportunity for upwards of 700,000 wintering geese. The goose population in the Texas Panhandle consists mostly of lesser Canada or short grass prairie geese ranging in size from 4 - 6 pounds. The region also boasts many great basin or greater Canada geese ranging in size from 9 - 13 pounds.

Panhandle's Best, Inc. offers goose hunts over mounted goose decoys as well as traditional silhouette decoys. Our typical decoy spread for goose hunting consists of 60 - 70 dozen Real Geese Pro Series II silhouette goose decoys.

While goose hunting our primary method of concealment is to dig in and hide amongst the decoy spread. All hunters are provided with padded reclining head rests and camouflage covering material to blend in with the surroundings.

During our regular goose season the majority of geese harvested are lesser Canada geese in addition to some greater Canada geese in the later part of the season. Many of the areas that we hunt also have snow geese intermixed with the Canada geese and we always target the snows when the opportunity arises. Hunters can typically expect to shoot limits of Canada geese as well as a few snow geese per person.

During our Extended Light Goose Season, with electronic calls, the majority of geese harvested are Snow Geese in addition to quite a few Blues and Ross Geese. The possibilities are endless with no limit and unplugged shotgun laws.

Goose Hunting Goose Hunting Goose Hunting
Goose Hunting Goose Hunting Goose Hunting
Goose Hunting Goose Hunting Goose Hunting
Goose Hunting
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Regular Goose Season

Nov. 5, 2016
Feb. 5, 2017

Bag Limits

5Canada Geese
20Light Geese


5 Person Minimum, 8 Person Maximum

$275.00 per person, per day per hunter

Half Day Afternoon or Evening Crane Hunt
when combined with a morning goose or duck hunt on the same day
$250 per person, per day

Extended Light Goose Season
(with electronic calling)

Feb. 6, 2017
March 19, 2017

Bag Limits

No Daily Limit
No Possession Limit

Prices above are per person, per day.
All hunts include beverages, and bird cleaning.

Non-shooters are welcome at one-half the daily rate.
A 50% non-refundable deposit is required in order to confirm dates.
Groups of 6 or more hunters, 100% payment is due 60 days prior to the hunt.

All deposits made by hunters not in attendance are non-transferable to other members within the group and shall be forfeited to Panhandle's Best, Inc.

Balance of payment is due on the day of the hunt.

Texas License Fees
5-day (non-resident)$45.00
State Migratory (Duck) Stamp$7.00
Federal Duck Stamp$15.00
H.I.P. CertificationFree
Licenses are available in advance from Texas Parks & Wildlife Department at 1-800-792-1112

Licenses can also be purchased online (RECOMMENDED) at

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